Research at the PSREU

400+ Projects in 2016

Approximately 140 UF/IFAS researchers conduct more than 400 projects at the PSREU that include trees and woody ornamentals, turf production and maintenance, plant breeding, minimum and reduced tillage, crop wter management, plant pathology, plant fertility, corn genomics, vegetable production, organic agricutlure, citrus, wetland ecology, entomology, nematology, weed science, climate change, and more.

"PSREU has been essential to obtain stakeholder-relevant results through the support of our plant breeding and applied research."
-Patricio Muñoz, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticultural Sciences

Examples of Current Projects

Turfgrass Breeding

Photo of turfgrass breeding plotsFor reduced irrigation, enhanced functionality, and maintaining aesthetic value.

-Kevin Kenworthy, Agronomy Department

Watermelon Grafting

Photo of a pile of watermelonsFor integrated disease-management tools.

-Xin Zhao, Department of Horticultural Sciences

Remote Sensing

Photo of a remote sensing machineFor improved field-management strategies.

-Jasmeet Judge, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Soil Science

Photo of plants growing in soilFor increased efficiency of fertiizer application.

-Vimala Nair, Soil and Water Sciences Department

Biological Control

Photo of flowers growing on a bushFor an alternative to conventional pesticides.

-Oscar Liburd, Entomology and Nematology Department

Wheat Genetics

Photo of machine harvesting wheatFor genetic improvements to increase wheat yield and develop resilience.

-Ali Babar, Agronomy Department