Crop Reimbursements

What is UFarm?

UFarm is an online platform designed to properly charge crop management services while meeting the following objectives:

  • Ensure compliance with federal regulations (2 CFR 200 §200.468) in order to appropriately charge crop costs to federal awards.
  • Minimize risk and audit disallowance for IFAS faculty and Recs/Sites. All RECs/Sites charging crops on unapproved rates are vulnerable to auditor scrutiny for costs charged on federal grants.
  • Provide Administrative Relief – creating a uniform study request form using local workflow approval will give RECs/Sites and faculty a consistent and unambiguous process to initiating, servicing, and completing field research studies.
  • Generate Research Data – UFarm will provide online “dashboards” designed to provide various stakeholders an accurate picture of crop and grove research occurring within the Institute. This data set will assist the SVP, Dean for Research, Unit Leaders, Center Directors, and Faculty, to bring awareness and show overall impact for the Institute’s collective field and grove research.

Login to UFarm

Click here for redirection to the UF/IFAS Research website for UFarm login information.