Heavy Equipment Program

The PSREU administers the Heavy Equipment Program. This program has the responsibility for heavy equipment and emergency response for UF/IFAS and other UF facilities.

To submit a request for heavy equipment jobs, usage or rental please complete this work order: https://researchtools.ifas.ufl.edu/psreuWorkOrder/

HE Program Contact

Carl Vining, Accountable Property Officer (APO)
cjvining@ufl.edu | 352.591.2678

Federal Excess Property Program

The PSREU administers the Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP). The FEPP programs allows UF/IFAS to obtain supplies, vehicles and heavy equipment to be used in food and agricultural research programs. IFAS is currently utilizing over $10 Million worth of Federal Property throughout Florida.

Public Law 97-98 enables the National institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to loan Federal Excess Property to State and County Extension Services, State Agricultural Experiment Stations, accredited colleges of veterinary medicine and cooperating forestry schools to further the purposes of the cooperative agricultural research and extension programs.  UF’s Federal Excess Property Program is Administered by the Associate Vice President for Operations for IFAS, Dr. Jeanna Mastrodicasa.

University of Florida is able to acquire Federal Excess Property through USDA as our Property Manager.  The University appoints an Accountable Property Officer (APO)who is responsible for carrying out the policies and procedures for the personal property assigned to the APO or any employees. 

The Federal Excess Property Program is not a free program and there is responsibility involved.  Users of FEPP property understand that these items are property of USDA-NIFA and UF is responsible for their proper use, care and location.  They are on loan to UF, but not owned by UF.  These items are to be verified on an annual inventory and subject to annual inspection.  The costs typically associated with Departments acquiring FEPP property are for freight or minor repairs.  Should a Department no longer need the FEPP property, it MUST be returned to the APO and not returned to UF Assets, parked or abandoned.

The APO and FEPP Program Contact maintain an ongoing want list of items requested by IFAS Departments.  To be added to the list, please submit a Federal Excess Property Request from this page.

To submit a Federal Excess Property Request, please complete this form: https://researchtools.ifas.ufl.edu/psreuExcessProperty/

FEPP Program Contacts

Carl Vining, Accountable Property Officer (APO)
cjvining@ufl.edu | 352-591-2678

Staci Sanders, FEPP Program Contact
stacis@ufl.edu | 352-591-2678

Click on the photo below to view some samples of the federal excess property: