University of Florida

Crop Images

field of rye ready to harvest

The following images are just a sample of the wide variety of research programs being performed at the PSREU. Under each crop thumbnail is the project leader and the type of research being performed.

Dr. Mark Bassett
Bean genetics
Dr. Kenneth Boote
Immobilization rate of bahiagrass residues
Dr. Kenneth Boote
Nitrogen mineralization
Dr. Chris Chase
Corn genetics
Dr. Don Dickson
Methyl bromide alternatives
Dr. Raymond Gallaher
Sweetcorn with multicropping / minimum tillage
Dr. Barry Tillman
Peanut breeding
Dr. Lynn Sollenberger
Elephant grass
Dr. Mark Settles, Dr. Prem Chourney, and Dr. Daryl Pring
Corn genetics
Dr. Peter Dittmar
Herbicide trail on tomatoes
Dr. Peter Dittmar
IR-4 pesticide residue program
Peanut with linear irrigation system in background